sun care

Solar protection with the Sun Response Line.

Because each person’s skin has different needs in the sun, MATIS has created RESPONSE SOLEIL.

This prestigious new line of 9 products offers a personalised solution. A solution that combines dual protection, a wonderfully golden tan and incredible pleasure of use.


After 3 years of development, the MATIS laboratory has created professional- quality formulas adapted to all skin types. They offer dual protection:

Anti-UVA and UVB sun filters to directly limit the impact of sun damage on the skin.

A new-generation biological filter, ANTILEUKINE 6, for action at the heart of the cells. This active ingredient protects your cellular DNA from attacks by free radicals. It is an effective tool to combat photoageing.

...a beauty answer

Thanks to the tan accelerator present in all of the protective suncare, each skin type benefits from a personalised beauty solution. Fairer skin develops a delicate tan. Darker skin shows off a more intense tan.

The MATIS After sun soothing milk helps prolong this lovely glow. Your skin is repaired and moisturised while maintaining an incredibly even and radiant tan.

As for the MATIS self-tanners, they are enriched with an active ingredient and a natural self-tanning agent. Without exposure to the sun, your skin develops a subtly golden and perfectly natural colour.

...a pleasure answer

Each product bears the MATIS signature: the textures are light and wonderfully silky. The fragrances of Monoi, Vanilla and Apricot are a true delight… and each application offers a real moment of pleasure.

MATIS suncare products are tested under dermatological supervision and adapted to both women and men.

Choose your sunscreen according to your skin type:

High Protection

Medium Protection

Low Protection

Fair and
sensitive skin
Tanned skin
and intense sun
Darker and very
tanned skin
FPS / SPF 40 FPS / SPF 25
FPS / SPF 20
FPS / SFP 10

Each skin type and reaction to the sun is different. Remember to use protection adapted to your needs. MATIS makes tanning easier than ever with its helpful information, also printed on the boxes..

Sunburns are dangerous, especially for children.

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