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Get to know JESSICA

Starting as a manicurist over 30 years ago, Jessica saw the need to formulate her own products and system for creating what have come to be regarded as the most beautiful nails in the world.

The Jessica System is so pampering; but because it sets the standard for nail care with a signature quality that’s so distinctive, it’s earned the name:

"The Upscale Nail"

Nails are not alike! As hair and skin differ from person to person – dry or oily, normal or damaged – so do nails. Jessica’s hands-on experience as a manicurist convinced her that one treatment cannot be right for everyone. Working with the finest chemists, she formulated different basecoats, each precisely right for your nail type.

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Which Basecoat?


Are your nails dry?
> Lack moisture. May have pronounced ridges

> May have white spots or powdery finish

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Are you nails brittle?
> Very hard, inflexible.

> May be curved
> Tend to shatter, break high on the nail
Your Basecoat: RECOVERY

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Are your nails damaged or post-acrylic?
> Thin?

> Weak?

> Cracked?

> Lack luster?

> No new growth
Your Basecoat: RESTORATION

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Are your nails normal?
> Strong

> Smooth

> Flexible

> Pink
Your Basecoat: REWARD

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Peeling Nails?

A peeling nail is the most common natural nail problem and can occur in all nail types. If peeling is a problem, it must be addressed first. Never file on the peeling area.
Your Treatment is: FUSION

For More Problematic Weak, Peeling Nails
Your Treatment is: CRITICAL CARE

Break easily and need extra protection?
Your Treatment is: LIFE JACKET, REWARD

Ridges, imperfections?

Your Treatment is: FLAWLESS

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NOURISH · Helps nails grow strong, prevents hangnails and problem cuticles. Massage around nail twice daily.

PHENOMEN OIL · Restores, protects and maintains healthy cuticles and nails with essential oils. Apply nightly.

TOP PRIORITY · Works like a ceramic glaze to keep polish ultra protected. Apply day after manicure.

BRILLIANCE · Fast-drying high gloss finisher with UV inhibitors. Apply every 3 days to protect & revitalize polish.

QUICK DRY · Boosts drying time. Protects fresh manicure from smudging and wrinkling.

CUSTOM COLOUR · Keeps nails looking beautiful. Have your favorite shade on hand for travel or touch-ups.

NAIL POLISH REMOVER · Gentle, non-oily formula with a light, clean fragrance.

HAND & BODY BATH · Soap-free cleanser leaves skin smooth as silk. Use all over.

HAND & BODY MOISTURIZING EMULSION · Helps prevent premature aging of the skin. Use daily.

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JESSICA’s natural nails are known for their signature quality. Lustrous colours that slide on like silk, looking fresh for up to two weeks. Now, that’s real staying power!

To maximize the life of every manicure, always use JESSICA home maintenance products.

If you would like any information on our nail range,

please contact us on 01327 810 058, or email us.

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